[mythtv-users] off topic question/request for help on a mediamvp

Robert Kulagowski bob at smalltime.com
Wed Jun 22 15:50:01 UTC 2005

> I am pulling out my hair trying to figure this out, and the wife isn't
> very happy that something I promised her would be working a month ago
> still just boots up and says "contacting Mediamvp booterver".

I've updated the mvpmc HOWTO in the last few days.  See if the new 
version helps.  As far as the location of the files, every distribution 
seems to do it differently.  As is stated in the HOWTO, I wrote it on a 
Debian machine, but in the meantime someone sent me updated path 
information for Mandriva, so that's now included.  You don't state which 
distribution you're using.

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