[mythtv-users] ETA for FC4 RPMs?

Alan Hagge ahagge at wbfa.com
Wed Jun 22 15:36:52 UTC 2005

Jeff volckaert wrote:

>I was having trouble with FC3 & Mythtv getting unwatchable recordings.
> I would get a real jittery recording.  I tried a bunch of IVTV driver
>version, but no luck.
>I wiped my server (keeping my recording partition and a copy of the
>Mysql Database) and put FC4 to see if that will help.  Now I am
>waiting on RPMs for Mythtv.  Anyone got an ETA?  Where there problems
>compiling for FC4?
>I don't mean to sound like I'm rushing anyone... I would just like a
>status update.
I've got Myth running on a FC4 install by installing the FC3 RPMS from 
ATrpms and then whatever FC4 RPMS there were over the top.  It seems to 
be working just as well as when I had FC3 installed.

But if you're convinced that FC3 is the root of your jittery recording 
problems, then this may not help.  Have you thoroughly debugged the 
source of the jittering?  Looking at the mythbackend log, starting up 
mythfrontend & mythbackend with all messages (mythfrontend -v all, 
mythbackend -v all)?  Ensuring you have enough CPU horsepower and/or 
that you have an nVidia driver with a funtional XvMC setup?

Unfortunately, at this stage, the MythTV debugging learning curve is 
quite steep.  It helps immensely to read others' posts and the excellent 
info at http://wilsonet.com/mythtv and http://www.mythtv.info .

Good luck!


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