[mythtv-users] Remote control issues

Tachtevrenidis, Kosta Kosta.Tachtevrenidis at weyerhaeuser.com
Wed Jun 22 15:19:22 UTC 2005

1) Does anybody know how to make one of the buttons of the remote
control launch an application (for example mythtv frontend). Sometimes
my front end crashes and I am sitting there looking at the kde desktop
with nothing to do but reboot because I have no keyboard attached to the

2) How do I assign one button of the remote to take me straight to the
program guide instead of having to navigate to it through the OSD while
I am watching TV?



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Hi all,

I have MythTV setup on an Athlon 2000+ machine, with 512MB ram and all
is good.
That is, unless I try to watch live tv...( I haven't tried recording yet
After about a minute or so the picture stops and the console window is
full of "prebuffering pause" messages.  I understand that this could be
an issue to do with the via chipset on the motherboard?
If so, is there a remedy (other than buying a new motherboard - that
would be the last resort ;-).


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