[mythtv-users] Epia 10K advice

James Pattinson jamesp at hisser.org
Wed Jun 22 13:15:15 UTC 2005

Hi All

I have a backend box that's been working for about a month recording 
things for me to watch on my computer screen. I now have an EPIA 10k 
machine that I'd like to configure as a proper frontend for connection 
to a TV.

However I am getting very confused by things like CLE266, Unichrome, and 
via drivers, closed or open source, xfree or xorg. I am not new to Linux 
but haven't had to do much with X11 in the past.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get this set up as a front end? I 
am currently running gentoo on there, but if there's an easier way I 
could go fedora or something. What I'm really after is a quick HOWTO to 
get it working in the best possible way.

I've also heard that the OSD is only in black and white for EPIA - is 
this sorted now?


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