[mythtv-users] Re: myxer theme configurator

Dave Hofstra dhofstra at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 12:25:41 UTC 2005

I didn't respond to this on your other thread because I thought it was

I haven't really noticed/tried changing the font sizes in
Myxer/Titivillus but I can try tonight.  I have never had to do this
because I have X setup to use 100dpi.

Did you set your X resolution to use 100dpi?  That seems to be the
'standardized' thing to do for proper font sizing.  You can do this by
changing the values on DisplaySize in your xorg.conf and logging out,
then checking your current dpi using the xdpyinfo thingy that was in
the other posts.

On 6/22/05, Neil Bird <neil at fnxweb.com> wrote:
> Around about 22/06/05 11:42, Dave Hofstra typed ...
> > AWESOME!  That is a huge improvement from the last script.  Excellent work!
>   It is, indeed, very nice;  I'm trying to use Myxer but I've a
> font-size issue which I'll re-iterate here as my initial post for it
> seems to be withering:
>   Running FC3/0.18, with urw-fonts downgraded to FC2 version to fix
> underhang/size issues.
>   So I've been running with GANT pretty much since install, but in the
> spirit of variety I thought I'd try a few others.  However, none of the
> themes I've tried seem to honour the font-size settings (and this
> includes Myxer).
>   I've a 32" wide-screen TV, and I like the program guide font to be
> pretty small so's I can get a decent amount of text in each box, but all
> but GANT seem to have he same too-large font.  Fiddling with the
> font-sizes doesn't actually appear to affect /anything/.
>   In fact, IIRC, I only got the small text in GANT when I ticked some
> box that said something like 'use small text'.
>   Am I missing something, or is my setup borked?
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