[mythtv-users] Encoding TV into mpeg2

James Smith jwsmith at gmx.net
Wed Jun 22 12:09:44 UTC 2005


I have an EPIA SP13000 board which can do hardware mpeg2 decoding but I 
don't have a full PVR tv capture card. I currently have a cheap bttv 
based capture card which is set up to work fine in linux, but with 
MythTV the lack of hardware mpeg2 encoding means my processor is having 
to do a lot of work.

My question is, is it possible to get mythtv to encode my TV in software 
in mpeg2 format, so when watching TV my processor only has to handle the 
encoding in software and my mpeg2 decoder can take the load off decoding?

FYI: I am using mythtv 0.18.1 with the unichrome pro linux drivers with 
XvMC working correctly.



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