[mythtv-users] MythTV settings for the .lircrc

Jim Reith reith at racores.com
Wed Jun 22 02:04:03 UTC 2005

>Jim Reith wrote:
>>I just got my system up with video out to my tv (PVR-350) and I have
>>the "silver" remote and verified it with irw but using the default
>>...lircrc file I'm only getting a few buttons working. it looks like
>>there are some "config = " that aren't being read properly and some
>>keyboard commands that aren't working also. How do I figure out what
>>my version of MythTV  (18.1) expects for commands and why the
>>keyboard versions don't seem to be working either? For example, I can
>>start watching tv and change channels and escape back to the menu but
>>I can't move around the main menu to select something besides watch
>>tv. The arrow keys on the keyboard work fine for this... I didn't see
>>a HowTo listed that covers this beyond "copy this file from the
>>source tarball" which I have done. Where should I be looking?
>This is the same remote I am using, and I got the info from jarod's
>howto. It links to a ready made lircrc
>Its not perfect, but it will get you started

That seems to be the one I have working and yes, the remote does some
things but misses others. The pointer to the pvr-150 in the previous
thread reply seems to have a more complete .lircrc for it. Really,
what I was looking for was a page that listed the commands to the
programs that I then should link the remote buttons to. I have all
the buttons mapped but don't know what to link them to to make it

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