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http://www.house.gov/rules/rules_schedule.htm This is where the schedule is

http://thomas.loc.gov/ Search legislative information on the net. 

As of yet I can not seem to find this bill, but a quick glance at my
senators webpage( http://shelby.senate.gov ) I see that he voted three times
On an amendments: S. Admt. 799, S. Admt. 817,S. Admt. 783

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Hey everybody,

I fired off a fax and called Sen Byrd's (D-WV) office this morning. 

Does anyone know if the broadcast flag provision was actually introduced

>From what Sen Byrd's office told me, and what I've been hearing from
other places, there's been quite a response by people in opposition to

Can anybody post an update?

PS Mad props to Wendy and everyone else at EFF. Thank you very much
for all your hard work.
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