[mythtv-users] [OT] Tuning channels with PVR-350

Oscar Curero Oscar at naiandei.net
Tue Jun 21 19:21:01 UTC 2005

[ Sorry for the almost OT ]

I'm using SuSE9.3 with the pvr-350. I installed the drivers once I got the
original firmware from the windows-cd, everything went smooth. Now, all I can
see is noise and "snow", I can't tune correctly any channel. I though that
mythtv could help my with a special-and-magic feature to auto tune the
channels, but no luck. I tried the howto's posted before but none of them says
nothing about this step (or I didn't see it ;) ).

How do you know what frequency had each channel?
Hint! ivtv -I output:
check SAA7115 input signal
ioctl: VIDEO_STATUS = Bad <---- UH? ----------<----

SAA7115 reg[STATUS#1 - 0x1E] = a4
 Color Standard (D0-D1): BW/No color
 White peak loop (D2): Activated
 Gain value for act.lum. (min) (D3): Not limited
 Gain value for act.lum. (max) (D4): Not limited
 WIPA-mode slow-time constant (D5): Activated
 Horizontal frequency (D6): Locked
 Field length (D7): Standard

SAA7115 reg[STATUS#2 - 0x1F] = 00
 Ready for capture (D0): No
 Macrovision 7.01 (D1): No
 MV Colorstripe burst (D2): No
 MV Colorstripe burst type 3 (D3): No
 Input signal timebase (D4): Non-stable (VCR)
 Field frequency (D5): 50Hz
 H & V loops (D6): Locked
 Interlace (D7): Not detected

(ps, I use pal-europe-west)


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