[mythtv-users] Font problems in all themes (inc. Myxer) except GANT

Daniel Segel mythtv at archer-segel.com
Tue Jun 21 15:22:45 UTC 2005

Check your Xorg.log file to see what DPI your display is running at 
(grep DPI /var/log/Xorg.0.log); the fonts are scaled for an assumed 
100dpi display. You can change this with the DisplaySize parameter in 
the Monitor section of your xorg.conf (or equivalent.)

For a 720x480 display you need 'DisplaySize 182 121' or thereabouts.


Neil Bird wrote:

>   Running FC3/0.18, with urw-fonts downgraded to FC2 version to fix
> underhang/size issues.
>   So I've been running with GANT pretty much since install, but in the
> spirit of variety I thought I'd try a few others.  However, none of the
> themes I've tried seem to honour the font-size settings.
>   I've a 32" wide-screen TV, and I like the program guide font to be
> pretty small so's I can get a decent amount of text in each box, but all
> but GANT seem to have he same too-large font.  Fiddling with the
> font-sizes doesn't actually appear to affect /anything/.
>   In fact, IIRC, I only got the small text in GANT when I ticked some
> box that said something like 'use small text'.
>   Am I missing something, or is my setup borked?
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