[mythtv-users] MythTV and Harmony remotes

Steve Bower sbower at cisco.com
Tue Jun 21 13:01:35 UTC 2005

>>>>> "Nate" == Nate Thompson <nightstrm at gmail.com> writes:

Nate> Thanks for the feedback, I saw a post somewhere that the PVR cards
Nate> were included in the code database, but unfortunately I'm using a
Nate> homebrew serial IR adapter. I'm wondering if I could just tell it
Nate> I'm using a Phillips 1st generation Tivo (the remote I am
Nate> currently using came from this system), then make manual changes
Nate> to the buttons/layout as necessary? I think this would be the
Nate> easiest way, since I already have the appropriate config files on
Nate> my MythTV box, but it would mean more time using the Harmony
Nate> software interface to get things right. Or perhaps use the
Nate> PVR-remote config files from Jarod's site, but I'm not sure if the
Nate> signals are compatible with my IR receiver.

Nate> If anyone currently has config files for the harmony and a serial
Nate> IR adapter and could send them my way, I'd really apprechiate it.

Hi Nate,

I'm doing basically that with my harmony remote (model H688), using the
Tivo codes but with code set 2 (I still have a tivo in the room using
code set 0).  The remotes.tar/tivo file that came from lirc worked
perfectly for me.

I just renamed the buttons in my lircd.conf so I could use UP, DOWN,
etc., instead of 2_UP, 2_DOWN, ...

My lircd.conf is here:


I made some mappings in the harmony config app and my .lircrc to adjust
which keys I want to do what (like the pg+/- keys transmit thumbs+/-,
which become Z/Q for commercial skip).

Good luck!  :-)

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