[mythtv-users] [US] Help stop the broadcast flag, again

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Tue Jun 21 02:27:27 UTC 2005

Wendy Seltzer wrote:

> We've heard rumors that the Broadcast Flag that we, EFF, and a 
> coalition of pressure groups have fought so hard against (and beat in 
> the courts) will be sneaked back via an amendment to the giant Senate 
> Appropriations Bill in a sub-committee at 2PM EST on Tuesday 21st. 
> This week is Hollywood's last chance to ram the flag past Congress, 
> and they're working hard to get it under the radar.  As you know, the 
> Broadcast Flag would make it illegal for pcHDTV or Air2PC to keep 
> making or importing HDTV tuner cards in the U.S.
> If you're in any of the following states, your Senators are members of 
> the sub-committee. People of Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, 
> Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, 
> Texas, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin - it's up to you!
> There's a sample script after the phone list. Remember: be cool, 
> collected and polite. Most of these senators won't know a thing about 
> the flag, until one of them makes it a throwaway amendment tomorrow. 
> Make sure their ears twitch when they hear "broadcast flag" today.
> ALABAMA Senator Richard Shelby (202) 224-5744
> ALASKA Senator Ted Stevens (202) 224-3004
> HAWAII Senator Daniel Inouye (202) 224-3934
> IOWA Senator Tom Harkin (202) 224-3254
> KANSAS Senator Sam Brownback (202) 224-6521
> KENTUCKY Senator Mitch McConnell (202) 224-2541
> MARYLAND Senator Barbara Mikulski (202) 224-4654
> MISSOURI Senator Christopher Bond (202) 224-5721
> NEW HAMPSHIRE Senator Judd Gregg (202) 224-3324
> NEW MEXICO Senator Pete Domenici (202) 224-6621
> NORTH DAKOTA Senator Byron Dorgan (202) 224-2551
> TEXAS Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (202) 224-5922
> VERMONT Senator Patrick Leahy (202) 224-4242
> WASHINGTON Senator Patty Murray (202) 224-2621
> WISCONSIN Senator Herb Kohl (202) 224-5653
> "Hello, Senator _________'s office"
> "Hi, I'm a constituent. I'm registering my opposition to the broadcast 
> flag amendment being introduced in the Senate Commerce Justice and 
> Science Appropriations subcommittee mark-up on Tuesday, and in full 
> committee on Thursday."
> (*** You can give your own reasons for opposing the flag here. Here's 
> a sample: ***)
> "I've been developing my own television-watching technology -- but I 
> won't be able to buy new parts if the Broadcast Flag goes through."
> "The Broadcast Flag cripples any device capable of receiving 
> over-the-air digital broadcasts."
> "It give Hollywood movie studios a permanent veto over how members of 
> the American public use our televisions."
> "It forces American innovators to beg the FCC for permission before 
> adding new features to TV."
> "It will prevent fair use of copyrighted works: critical review, and 
> use of material in distance learning"
> "This is an important issue which will affect all Americans, and 
> should not be inserted in a large bill, at the last moment, with no 
> debate."
> "Please oppose the broadcast flag amendment. My name and address are 
> ___________________."
> "Thank you for your time."
> Thanks!
> --Wendy

Note that that's just the list of senators on the sub-committee -- if it 
gets past that,
then the full committee will vote, consisting of members from the 
following states:

New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Dakota
South Dakota
West Virginia

Please call your Senator!


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