[mythtv-users] OT: Help choosing an antenna for ATSC

WJCarpenter bill-mythtv at carpenter.ORG
Tue Jun 21 00:42:12 UTC 2005

jw> So, if possible, I'd like to replace my antenna with an
jw> omnidirectional UHF-only one. Of the 5 stations I am trying to

mw> Channel Master 4228. The best of all. Search for it on the

Maybe so, but the 4228 is not omnidirectional.  In fact, it's highly
directional with a 10-15 degree face.

But that leads me to a question I've been wondering.  Suppose I have a
couple of antennae on my rooftop.  Can I just combine them onto a
single coax with a splitter/combiner?  If that works, is there any
practical limit on the number of antennae I can combine that way?

(I already combine my small-dish satellite signal with my off-air
antenna via a diplexor, but I'm thinking of an additional,
differently-oriented off-air antenna if I can do it without another
cable run.)
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