[mythtv-users] satellite receiver with mythtv

Mark J. Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Mon Jun 20 18:05:21 UTC 2005

On June 20, 2005 02:29 pm, Nick wrote:
> On 6/20/05, EB <ebroo at setuidzero.org> wrote:
> > What are the options when changing channels on a tuner that does not have
> > a serial port? Should I go buy a new satellite receiver or is there
> > something out there that will echo channel changes back out a serial
> > device to change the external receiver?
> Use a serial port IR (infra-red) transmitter to mimic the receiver's
> remote control.
> > I am finding that changing channels within the
> > satellite signal but outside of myth has a bad delay? I know this is
> > because the signal coming is being recorded first, and then displayed but
> > is this normal? There is literally a 2-5 second pause between pushing the
> > button and seeing the change?
> The delay you are seeing is normal buffering - if you change channels
> on the receiver, there will still be a few seconds of buffer left on
> the old channel before the buffer contains. It's nothing to worry
> about and cannot be eliminated. It's annoying when channel surfing,
> but that's not what MythTV is intended for. If you use a serial port
> IR blaster, you will still get this delay, as it's independent of the
> channel change method. (I use a serial port IR blaster, and never had
> any problems with it all.)

It is rather frustrating.  It takes about 1 second to send the change channel 
signal to the box, then 2 seconds of buffering, then another second or two 
for my STB (digital cable) to tune in to a digital channel.  It all adds up 
to painful surfing.  Fortunately, I only surf when I testing.  Other members 
of my family (mostly my daughter) still like to surf, so they often will 
bypass mythtv and watch live tv directly.

I have found that I can speed up the first part (sending the change channel 
command) by pressing Enter after the channel numbers.  This tells mythtv that 
yes, I am done entering my numbers, so you can get to work changing channels.  
Myth seems to give me a very long to to enter a third digit.


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