[mythtv-users] Via M10000

Paul Bender pbender at qualcomm.com
Mon Jun 20 17:59:48 UTC 2005

Pane, Chris wrote:
> In my setup - I am planning on using the M10000 as a front end only. My back
> end will be where I am going to have a PVR250 doing all my encoding. I am
> even going to do download the kernel over the network (Remote boot). 

This is exactly what I do using MiniMyth <http://linpvr.org>.

> Any thoughts on how it will perform doing the following?  
> Playback of encoded MPEG2 files living on a back end server

This works fine using the M10000's hardware MPEG2 decoding.

> Playback of MP3/OGG files on back end server

Playback of MP3 files works fine. I have never tried playing back OGG files.

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