[mythtv-users] Via M10000

Tom Dombrosky tbdombrosky at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 17:01:05 UTC 2005

> As was mentioned, the VIA EPIA M10000 is supported. However, you may want
> to answer a few more questions before you decide on a particular board.
> Two questions come to mind.
> (1) What resolution is your MPEG2 video? In particular, do you want to
> play HDTV quality MPEG2? If so, then you will need a board with the CN400
> (e.g., VIA EPIA SP8000E, VIA EPIA SP13000, Commell LV-667), because boards
> with the CLE266 (e.g., VIA EPIA M10000) cannot decode HTDV quality MPEG2.
> (2) How do you plan to connect to your television? All boards have VGA
> output. The VIA EPIA M10000 has S-Video that is supported by the drivers.
> The VIA EPIA SP8000E and the VIA EPIA SP13000 have S-Video for which
> preliminary support has just been added to the drivers. The Commell
> LV-667T has Component for which partial support is available through a
> patch to the drivers. The Commell LV-667D has DVI-D for which there is no
> driver support.
> _______________________________________________

Wait, the newer boards decode HD streams?  I didn't know this.  That's
fantastic.  Can they output the streams at 1280x720 over the vga


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