[mythtv-users] Mythtv setup total failure - how to start over?

James Stembridge jstembridge at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 08:01:58 UTC 2005

On 6/20/05, Todd Bailey <toddb at toddbailey.net> wrote:
> I tried this suggestion and the files are still there.

What have you actually done? Which packages have you uninstalled?

Do you still in fact have myth packages installed?
> "... You need to use "apt-get --purge remove" for the config files to be
> removed. It's a feature rather than a limitation...."
> Feature my Ass,  I want to remove , uninstall, delete, start over, revert to
> prior to installation,  etc....

Sure it is. If I've spent the time configuring a package I don't want
all my config files deleted if I want to temporarily remove it.
> This stuff is still beta (at best) in my mind, and I am being kind!

I've been using apt-get on Debian systems for years and it's never
given me problems.


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