[mythtv-users] Best option for dual tuner with tv-out?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Jun 20 01:22:46 UTC 2005

John Hanauer wrote:

>>However, I'd take it a step further as cost is close to the same (assuming
>>PCI's are available for all this) and use 2 PVR-150's and a decent non-
>>fann'd Nvidia with DVI and Svid out.
Highly agree with using a "real" video card instead of PVR-350 TV out.  
Very nice for non-video (i.e. OpenGL).  Also, not limited to SDTV.

>I'm cool with doing this, even thought about it.  But I want good quality on
>my TV-out plus I want it to stay cheap.
IMHO, the rumors of PVR-350 output quality are highly exaggerated...  I 
would guess that most people who swear there's a huge difference have 
never properly configured their video card's TV out and Myth's use of it 
(i.e. got it just far enough to get output).  I have a PVR-350, but yet 
I'm using a Chaintech GF4 MX440 for TV out (yeah, not quite what I need 
for HDTV, but that will change in the near future...).

>What's a good cheap Nvidia with good TV-out?
Love the TV out on mine.  Also, quite inexpensive.  If you have 
aspirations of an HDTV upgrade, you might want to go with a GF 5200 (or 


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