[mythtv-users] feature request: plasma burn-in module

Todd Bailey toddb at toddbailey.net
Mon Jun 20 01:07:27 UTC 2005

thanks for the suggestion,  I forgot about this.

I plan on a major modification to myth, what I've seen so far is ok, but 
needs improvement, setup gui for example is a real pain to navigate.
I'm not sure what these people were thinking when they did the design,  but 
no matter,  looking forward to a rewrite, that is once I get a stable 
install completed.

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Subject: [mythtv-users] feature request: plasma burn-in module

> since, we are uber techies here, some, if not all of
> us like our high perf displays. (I don't have one yet,
> but i'm starting to look into it) one of the things
> that I found is that plasmas are more reliable than i
> thought. they have a 1/2 bright life of 60,000hrs, vs
> 15,000 for crts. but they do have a burn in problem.
> this is mitigatable. it turns out that the first 1000
> hrs are critical to avoid any kind of burn-in.
> what we need then is a simple module that counts the
> hours that it runs, and flips channels every minute.
> people can leave it on 24/7 for 42 days, using it as
> they would, but when not watching it they just select
> the plasma burn-in option.
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