[mythtv-users] Can't use setup..?

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Sun Jun 19 18:48:33 UTC 2005

I recently switched my FE from KDE to fvwm to reduce resource consumption and 
startup time.  Generally I followed the passage in the documentation (Misc. 
20-11) along with some other bits to get it to auto-start correctly on my 
Slackware install.

The only fallout seems to be the configuration screens -- all of the options 
(checkboxes, pull-downs) appear grayed out and I can't arrow to the options.  
Pretty much, all I can do is press enter and do a "next" or "finish".  Am I 
missing some kind of widget library or something?  Used to work fine under 
KDE.  Myth 0.17.

I'm not seeing any obvious (at least, to me) startup errors.


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