[mythtv-users] Housekeeping thread? Curiosity is getting the best

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 16:39:16 UTC 2005

On 6/18/05, Gavin Haslett <gavin at nodecaf.net> wrote:
> You know, that wasn't very nice, Chris :) Remember this is the mythtv-users list, not developers. Not everyone can read the source code you know, these are users!
> Basically, in layman's terms the housekeeping thread takes care of stuff like expiring out old and unneeded database entries, old log entries expired out... generally housekeeping tasks on the database.

Scanning through the code you provided the link to would have answered
most your questions, even with little or no programming knowledge.
With the useful commenting and method names such as "flushLogs()",
"runFillDatabase()", and "CleanupOldJobsInQueue()", most of the
high-level info is there. Essentially (as noted previously), this
thread carries out the essential housekeeping chores to keep the
database in good order and runs mythfilldatabase to keep your program
listings up to date.

If the backend logs are showing many "Running housekeeping thread"
entries, do not worry. MythTV is usually quite good at giving error
messages when something goes wrong, or it cannot access resources such
as the SQL database.


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