[mythtv-users] Program guide questions/oddities

Dave Hofstra dhofstra at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 16:24:33 UTC 2005

Just a quick note.  Myxer is just a 'skinning' of Titivillus.  If you
notice something in Titivillus, you dont have to really check Myxer
because they are really identical (aside from the graphics and
colors).  Blue was also redone by J Donavan, so I dont know if that
uses the same stuff as Titivillus, or not.

You should probably consider Titivillus=Myxer as far as UI, and if you
want to try a different UI for testing purposes, try a unique theme
such as MythCenter or something.

Dave Hofstra

> Actually, this persists across several themes I've tried.  Blue (the default
> one), Titivilius, and the new Myxer all had the same behavior.  Is there
> something other than the theme that affects the program guide geometry?  Like
> maybe the "qt-style", "menu-style", or perhaps font size?  I'm not real sure
> what the first two do, really.  I don't THINK changing the font size did
> anything, but I could play with it some more to be sure.

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