[mythtv-users] Mythfilldatabase auto run - again sorry

Robert Tsai rtsai1111 at comcast.net
Sun Jun 19 02:44:39 UTC 2005

On Sun, Jun 19, 2005 at 12:28:08PM +1000, Matthew Carle wrote:
> I've got mythfilldatabase set to run daily at any time from within
> mythtvsetup. The problem is that it doesn't insert any guide data. I
> get messages like this on mythweb:
> Last mythfilldatabase run started on 2005-06-19 11:55 and ended on
> 2005-06-19 11:55. mythfilldatabase ran, but did not insert any new data into
> the Guide. This can indicate a potential grabber failure.
> When I log in as root and run mythfilldatabase it works fine.
> I was under the impression that it would be running as root anyway
> so there shouldn't be any permission problems. Is there any way I
> can determine what the problem is.

No. If you configured mythfilldatabase to run from within mythtv, then
it will run as the user running the "mythbackend" process. So you
should test running mythfilldatabase as that user instead of as root,
unless you run mythbackend as root.

> Alternatively is there another way I can run it. The computer isn't
> on all the time (nvram-wakeup) so crontab wouldn't work (or am I
> mistaken?).

I think mythfilldatabase only requires that MySQL be available, so if
MySQL is running on a different machine from mythbackend, then you
could probably use cron with mythfilldatabase.

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