[mythtv-users] MythMusic static noise on PPC

Corey Shields cshields at osuosl.org
Sat Jun 18 00:24:14 UTC 2005


Trying to run mythmusic on my setup, a PegasosII PPC running Gentoo.  
Everything else works fine as far as audio and video go (aside from live 
tv, I just haven't gotten around to testing that yet).  Yet with 
mythmusic, the audio is a loud constant static noise. I can't make any 
music out of it. This is true for both mp3 and ogg.

Thinking it may be an oss issue, I tried xmms with oss output and that 
worked fine. 

This sounds like it might be an endian issue.  Is there a known fix for 

mythtv-0.18.1-r2 (from gentoo) and
mythmusic-0.18.1 (from gentoo as well)

Thanks for your time,


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