[mythtv-users] Prevent slave backend from transcoding

kanetse at gmail.com kane.tse at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 22:43:28 UTC 2005

I have a master backend with a bttv and a PVR-250.  I also have a
slave backend that contains another bttv device.

The problem is tha tthe slave backend keeps getting transcoding jobs
from the master backend.  Since the machine doesn't run 24/7, the
master backend always has jobs that its waiting for the slave backend
to finish transcoding.

I tried to go into mythtvsetup on the slave bakcned and prevent it
from accepting jobs from the master backend, but it seems like I can
only get it to accept "at most" 1 job.

How do I prevent the slave backend from getting any jobs from the Myth
job queue?


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