[mythtv-users] PVR-350 clarification

Etienne SANDRE etienne.sandre at polytechnique.org
Fri Jun 17 20:37:00 UTC 2005

David Asher wrote:

> etienne.sandre at polytechnique.org wrote:
>>>And then either way, is the quality of playback with the PVR-350 and its
>>>MPEG-1/2 decoder something I can't find in a video card's TV-OUT?  Unless
>>>its too expensive, I'd assume not.  In which case would it then be best to
>>>play all video regardless through one output?
>>Yes, there is something you can't find.
>>If you watch interlaced shows, you will get the best quality by keeping
>>the video interlaced up to the TV. By deinterlacing, you loose vertical
>>resolution and you reduce the smoothness of the animation (you have 25fps
>>instead of 50fps in PAL, 30fps/60fps in NTSC).
> Doesn't this depend on your display device?  Or are all the 
> deinterlacers poor in Myth?
> The whole premise of progressive-scan DVD players assumes that the 
> deinterlacing can be done better than most display devices can.
> How is that different for MythTV?

The advantage of progressive scan is for progressive shows only (ie movies).
For interlaced shows, the best is to never deinterlace the picture and 
to display it on a true interlaced display (ie a standard tv). By 
deinterlacing, you always loose vertical resolution and fps (except some 
deinterlacers, which keeps the fps but affect more the vertical resolution)

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