[mythtv-users] Hauppaugge PVR250 recognised as PVR150

Aaron Stewart acs at hourglassone.com
Fri Jun 17 20:23:54 UTC 2005

I ran into this as well, but upgrading to the latest (0.3.x) ivtv fixed
the problem.

Dave Chapman wrote:

>Got a FC3 install with a PVR250 the documentation for ivtv gives an "options 
>cardtype=1" (PVR250) which I put in my /etc/modprobe.conf
>The card is found but as a PVR150 if I put "options cardtype=2" (PVR350)
>in /etc/modprobe.conf it is recognised as  a PVR250 but is not initialised at 
>Without "options cardtype=2" or "options cardtype=1" the card is recognised as 
>a PVR150 which it is not
>"options ivtv ivtv_std=2 tda9887=0" didn't fix the problem either.
>ivtv firmware version 2:1.8a-4.at
>Any thoughts
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