[mythtv-users] Program guide questions/oddities

Jack Perveiler perveilerj at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 17 19:06:23 UTC 2005

Hi, everybody.

I have a couple of questions/comments regarding the program guide.  I couldn't
find the answers by searching the gossamer thread, but it's entirely possible I
was searching for the wrong keywords.  That being said...

Oddity #1:
Last night I installed a PVR-500 into my system (which already had a PCHDTV
3000 in it).  Things seem to be working ok, but I noticed that if I opened the
Program Guide while watching Live TV and I tried to change the channel to one
on another "class" of tuner the program guide would close (and no channel
change would occur).

Example (no tuners currently recording anything, all available for live tv): 
1) watching channel 5 (NTSC) on PVR-150 (half of PVR-500).
2) Open program guide ("m"->Program guide... all channels for all tuners
3) Select channel 4_1 (ATSC) on PCHDTV 3000.
4) Program guide closes, no channel change.

Am I doing something wrong?  There may be reasons why NOT to change the channel
automatically, but if that were the case then it would make sense to not show
me the channels that I can't change to.  Or better yet, keep showing me the
whole guide but popup a "are you sure"-style dialog box in the cases where the
channel change would cause problems.  Suggestions?  Am I missing something? 
I'm a bit of a mythtv newbie so that's a distinct possibility.

Oddity #2:
It seems the program guide rows containing the show information (ie NOT the
time row or the channel column) are being drawn on top of the time row and the
channel column.  The progresson on a redraw (like when i move the cursor):

1) The time row and the channel column are drawn.  The show rows were
originally drawn over part of them, so they are now drawn on top of the show
2) The show rows are now drawn.  They overlap the time row and channel column,
causing the newly drawn portion of them to be covered again.

This results in an annoying flicker along the left edge of all the show rows
and the top edge of the top show row.  Is someone's bounding box wrong?  I
can't be sure, but I don't remember seeing this in 0.18.0 (I'm running 0.18.1



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