[mythtv-users] Re: Wireless Keyboards

Tim Tait tim.tait1 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 17:08:06 UTC 2005

The only problem I had was the up-arrow key - my remote  (Home Theatre 
Master 8000) says it learned it ok, but it seems to send many with one 
keypress? Or I think more likely the key-up code was corrupted? - 
because the keyboard does the same thing occasionally with any key if it 
loses good sight of the receiver. I tried learning it a half dozen times 
with the same result. The other arrow keys work great.


David Morris wrote:

> Yes, it seems Newegg has dropped the Lite-On IR keyboard.  Too bad, I 
> have it and it's great for a cheap HTPC keyboard.
> And yes, Lite-On just rebadged this keyboard (well, in fact mine isn't 
> even branded as a Lite-On anywhere, not even on the box).  Several 
> folks sell this keyboard under their own name, it's actually a quite 
> common one.
> On the JP1 Remote forums several keyboards have been identified as 
> using the same IR protocol.  In fact the JP1 profile that I downloaded 
> was created for an AirBoard IR keyboard.  It worked fine for my 
> Lite-On SK-7100 -- I just configured it in RemoteMaster and downloaded 
> it to my All-4-One Learning Remote (model 8810w, $18 from Wal-Mart) 
> using IR.  It beats learning the keyboard manually, which is quite a 
> challenge.  I never could get my remote to learn from the keyboard, 
> but I know it's possible as others have done it.  It's just very very 
> picky and tedious to do, so the JP1 route is much easier, plus you get 
> the benefit of a backup of your entire remote should it ever lose its 
> memory.  Now I have one master remote that controls all of my A/V 
> devices, including my Myth box, and I don't have to run lirc.  The 
> only quirk is that the arrow keys tend to repeat at the slightest 
> touch on the remote -- it's a known issue that could probably be 
> tweaked in the remote protocol, but I live with it by making quick, 
> light jabs on the arrow keys.
> I can't recommend the JP1 approach strongly enough.  Visit 
> http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1009 for a good JP1 
> beginner thread if you're not already familiar with it.  On those 
> forums you will find links to free downloads for RemoteMaster and IR, 
> plus tons of remote profiles and discussions of all sorts of neat 
> stuff.  There are also instructions on how to make your own JP1 cable, 
> but unless you've got a good electronics shop handy or can buy 
> components online in small quantities, it's better to buy a kit or a 
> pre-made cable from one of the suppliers you'll find mentioned there.  
> The better, most compatible cables are more than just a wired 
> connector, mine has a custom perf-board with an IC, a couple of 
> diodes, and a half-dozen resistors all mounted inside a DB25 hood that 
> connects to a parallel port.  Rather than try to track down all the 
> parts myself, I bought the kit since I'm handy with a soldering iron 
> -- the kit costs half of what a ready-made cable costs.
> David
> Tim Tait wrote:
>> Karsten Jeppesen wrote:
>>> I had a look for the LITE-ON keyboard but it seems to have been 
>>> discontinued.
>>> Since the remote function depends on IR (RF universal remotes don't 
>>> exist I think) then the keyboard must use IR as the trasmitter medium.
>>> I have decided to proceed with the streamzap, but I noticed that 
>>> Sage actually has an IR keyboard. Do anybody know if this keyboard 
>>> can be emulated by the JP1 remotes the same way as the LITE-ON 
>>> keyboard?
>>> <http://store.freytechnologies.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=SOS&Category_Code=HD> 
>> I too was looking for that Liteon SK-7100, but it vanished from 
>> newegg. I did however find this Silitek SK-7551 PS/2 IR 
>> Keyboard/mousestick for $USD 23.50 here:
>> <http://store.yahoo.com/pctekonline/skcomwirkeyw.html>
>> Their customer service was good.
>> Although it is grey & black in the photo, it is actually all black.
>> It works fine with X, but I have not yet tried to learn it's IR 
>> codes. Seems quite sturdy. In fact, the reciever looks identical to 
>> the LiteOn one. I suspect that Silitek made the other one for LiteOn. 
>> Anyhow I've been using a Silitek desktop keyboard for 4 years now and 
>> it's never let me down.
>> Tim

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