[mythtv-users] Preferred Infrared keyboard for training?

John Williams williamsbyron at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 16:56:29 UTC 2005

>  I have the BTC RF keyboard (and it's great), but it can't be
> learned.

I have the Lite-On keyboard and it works great, sad to hear it has
been discontinued.

Try one more thing when trying to learn your remote. Try tapping the
key rather than holding the key as most remotes suggest. That allows
the keyboard to send the make and break signal while the remote is
still trying to learn.

 I second the JP1 comment. That is how I finally got my remote to work
correctly. It doesn't have the memory to hold it all. Also with the
comment about the manufacturer that probably made the lite on board I
would agree. That is the same model number my lite-on is.

I have plenty of Gmail invites. Ask me if you'd like one. G Mail rocks
for  email lists.

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