[mythtv-users] Preferred Infrared keyboard for training?

Tim Tait tim.tait1 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 16:46:40 UTC 2005

Grant McChesney wrote:

>I'm looking for the preferred IR keyboard to train against a universal
>remote.  I have the BTC RF keyboard (and it's great), but it can't be
>The Lite-on Airboard looked good for this, but it is discontinued. 
>Anyone have any recommendations for the best + reasonably priced IR
>keyboard for training? TIA.

The Silitek SK-7551 (who I think actually made the Lite-on too) seem to 
work well enough, and is sold at least here:


I have only had one problem, I can get my learning remote to send the 
"up-arrow" code properly...


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