[mythtv-users] Problems with 2 channel sound

Joe Ammann joe at pyx.ch
Fri Jun 17 14:02:52 UTC 2005

I'm using MythTV for almost 2 years now, currently running on FC3 and 0.18.1 
from atrpms.net. All is well, but one thing keeps bothering me.

I can't get 2 channel sound on TV recordings (e.g. German on one, English on 
the other channel, pretty common here in Switzerland) to work correctly. My 
expectation would be that both channels are recorded, and I can select which 
one to hear during playback. I know about the configuration option to mute 
one or the other channel and i have activated that.

But: Very strange things happen on my 2-tuner setup, one PVR-350 and an old 
Hauppauge WinTV (bt878):

- If the recording is done on the PVR-350, I always and consistenly get the 2 
channel mixed, both languages at the same time. When muting left or right, 
still, both languages are on

- If the recording is done on the bt878 WinTV, I hear both channels during the 
first few seconds of the recording, and then automagically it (I don't really 
know what 'it' is here :-) switches to either one or the other. Normally it 
goes to channel 1. But sometimes, it keeps switching back an forth throughout 
the recording. Muting left or right also does not influence this behaviour.

Now, I understand that 2-channel sound is supposed to work and many people are 
happily using it. I think I must be doing something very wrong. But I can't 
find out what that could be.

Any help?

CU, Joe

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