[mythtv-users] Ubuntu lirc for the PVRs

Bob Cottingham bob at bobnvic.com
Fri Jun 17 13:51:41 UTC 2005

Jason Werpy wrote:
> Has anyone gotten lirc working on Ubuntu with their PVR.  I can get
> all the packages installed and it tries to build but fails.  Building lirc
> by hand generates compile errors on the make.  I've googled a lot of
> information about this but there doesn't appear to be a true universal fix
> out there.
> I think the errors are coming from the i2c module integration, and my
> next step is to build a custom kernel and see if that can clear anything
> up.
> The next step after that is just to say goodbye to ubuntu and install
> Fedora Core 3 instead.

There is a Ubuntu installation guide on MythTV.info that include lirc from
source. Here is the address:

Works great for me. I don't know about using the packages, but needed to
use the source for my PVR-150.  The only problem with compiling lirc from
source is the extremely long wait I had to endure to create all of the
linux modules, which took roughly an hour I believe on my Athlon 2500+ and
about two hours on my Duron 650Mhz.

Bob C

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