[mythtv-users] DVB-S cards

Niels Dybdahl niels.dybdahl at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 09:27:10 UTC 2005

> As I want to replace my external FTA receiver with card, I am still trying
> to figure out if the newer versions of some of these common cards are
> already supported.(Eg. the new Twinhan 102G DVB-S card, a newer version of
> the popular Twinhan 1020a; available for a bargain on ebay at the moment; or
> the Skystar 2 rev. 2.6D DVB-S card (only revs up to 2.6C are listed).

I have a Twinhan 1022 card (around €50). It works with MythTV 0.17 on
FC3, but I have trouble receiving some of the transponders from the
satellite (Astra). It is all the transponders that are sending with a
signal rate of 27M while the 22M transponders are ok.
Maybe it has problems controlling the high/low bands as all the 27M
transponders are in the high band. But I have read that someone else
has noticed that the Twinhan cards only show half the signal strength
with 27M transponders as with 22M transponders, so that might be the

Niels Dybdahl

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