[mythtv-users] PVR-350 clarification

Patrick de Brabander [mythtv] mythtv at pdebrabander.nl
Fri Jun 17 09:08:41 UTC 2005

> I guess what I'm also asking is that if I do want the most versatility for
> the future (newer codecs, eventually DVD playback, other myth front ends,
> and whatever else who knows) would I be limiting myself if I used a
> PVR-350
> as my only TV-out.

>This is true : it is not yet possible to watch properly divx, dvd and
>other stuffs on the pvr350 tvout.

With the new ivtvdev_drv from John Harvey, you can now perfectly play DVD
and video trough the tv-out. Divx i haven't try yet.



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