[mythtv-users] Mythfilldatabase runs for ever

Pete Clarke pete at dynotechnic.co.uk
Fri Jun 17 06:31:34 UTC 2005

#I'd suggest disabling mythfilldatabase from within MythTV temporarily and 
#running it from the command line, to see if the temporal irregularity is 
#occuring in the grabber, or in the import process. You can first run the
#to get the XML datafiles (the process that grabs the datafiles from the RT 
#website), and then once that has finished, run mythfilldatabase, pointing
at the 
#XML files, to import the data into the MythTV database. I've also installed
#cache for XMLTV so that if files have not changed on the RT site, local
#of the files are utilised instead of downloading another copy.

I ended up deselecting some channels that apparently couldn't be found on
the RT website, re-ran mythfilldatabase and hey presto it worked!

Strange, but whatever works is fine by me!

No I just have to get the fonts etc. looking reasonable instead of wrapping
across the boxes! :-)

Cheers all,


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