[mythtv-users] Re: VLC and MythVide

Robert Karaffa rkaraff at emory.edu
Fri Jun 17 06:22:15 UTC 2005

	I posted my question on the Videolan forum.  This is the only response 
so far:

> This is a hack in mplayer that is used because the MPlayer interface 
> is actually a seperate application. Therefore the Mplayer video 
> application needs to force it's window to the front. However, this is 
> not normal behaviour from an application and VLC will not behave as 
> such. Applications are normally launced into the Background when 
> launched trough Terminal or standard C-style launchmachanisms.
>  If you want to open an application from another application and force 
> it to the foreground, then you need to use the Cocoa class NSWorkspace 
> to do this. Or you have to send the opened application an applescript 
> event.
>  This should be easy to implement into MythTV for someone with the 
> slightest experience in Mac OS X programming.
> _________________

I don't know anything about NSWorkspace, but I can ask some folks 
elsewhere about sending an applescript event.  Good Luck!

-Bob K.

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