[mythtv-users] Seeking driving me nuts

Sasha Z kleptophobiac at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 04:56:24 UTC 2005

It's impossible to FF or RW through the recording. The commercial skip
buttons don't work 100% correctly either.

Here's the detail:
In CVS from today and the last few weeks, these features have been
buggy. If I try to ffwd through a show, I'll get to where I want to
be, press play, and jump some random interval forward into the show.
Likewise with rrwd. This is completely unusable. These shows are
transcoded into mpeg4 from mpeg2 and commercial flagged.

When using the jump to cutpoint buttons, going forward at the
beginning of a show goes to the next point, but hitting back goes to
the next one forward. Hitting back from there works properly. This is
just an annoyance... but still >:-(

Any thoughts on these?

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