[mythtv-users] Multiple IR Blasters?

Darren Richards darren.richards at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 02:08:58 UTC 2005

> >I have an almost identical setup, but I'm using two homebrew LIRC simple
> transmitters wired in parallel, so each Dish receiver has it's own
> transmitter.  I'm not sure how much the improved transmitter
> >costs, but it was only a couple bucks for an additional IR LED at Radio
> Shack and it works great.
> >
> It definitely costs more than the simple IR transmitter, but it's still
> not too expensive (maybe $10-$15 IIRC).  However, my MB only has one
> serial port (and doesn't have extra headers or anything), so I had to
> control both with a single transmitter.

Actually, I only have one serial port as well.  I just wired the two
transmitters in parallel to the same pins on the serial port.  I was a
little worried about it drawing too much current, so I increased the
resistor values a bit, but it works like a charm...


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