[mythtv-users] Feature Request: allowable overlap for recordings?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu Jun 16 18:36:02 UTC 2005

Blammo wrote:
> Another example is several of the big networks making a program run
> til, for example, 9:05pm This bumps a 9pm scheduled recording, when in
> fact, I wouldn't mind missing the first 5 minutes to get the other 55.

If you can see that that is what you want to do then tell it to
do so. No algorithm can know if you don't mind missing the last
five minutes of the earlier show or if you don't mind missing the
first five of the later, neither or both. You know and, unlike the
leading commercial product, you can tell it that you've decided to
start late if that's what you want.

> at all. Maybe it checks every minute, and if a tuner suddenly became
> free, it would start recording.

There's no guess work or sudden surprises. The current schedule
plan is always clearly stated in the Upcoming Recordings page and
you have every opportunity to look hours or days ahead of time
to modify things in any number of ways so that it will meet your
wishes. It will not, however, read your mind and any vague, nebulous
behavior is just as likely to do the opposite of what you wanted.


--  bjm

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