[mythtv-users] swap not displaying

Dan Wilga dwilga at mtholyoke.edu
Thu Jun 16 17:36:44 UTC 2005

>On 6/10/05, Dan Wilga <dwilga at mtholyoke.edu> wrote:
>>  At 6:34 PM -0500 6/9/05, Matt wrote:
>>  >Running CVS, when I go into the system status, when I try to view the
>>  >Swap it shows "Unknown".  It used to work just fine until I upgraded
>>  >to latest CVS recently.  Any ideas?
>>  Swap shows just fine for me, as of a CVS version from about a week
>>  ago. Perhaps when you upgraded the setuid bit was lost, and the user
>>  you're running mythfrontend as can get to /proc ?
>>  --
>So how could I fix that?


   ls -ld /proc

If you see something like:

   dr-xr-x---  219 root system 0 May 31 09:37 /proc

then the mode "dr-xr-x---" means that only root and people in the 
group called "system" can read /proc. One way around this would be to 
add whatever user you run mythfrontend as to the system group. (pico 

Another way would be to use setuid on mythfrontend. Have a look at 
Jarod's guide. I'm sure it's in there somewhere.

If the mode on the directory is already "dr-xr-xr-x", then this 
probably isn't your problem.

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