[mythtv-users] VLC and MythVideo

Robert Karaffa rkaraff at emory.edu
Thu Jun 16 17:17:29 UTC 2005

I've been experimenting with MythVideo, mostly on my OS X frontend. For 
OS X, mplayer is the video player that works best, except I get crackly 
audio on everything.
In Linux, xine seemed to be the best...except I could not get it to 
show subtitles (I like indie and foreign films!).
So I was stuck, until I tried fooling with VLC.
VLC in Linux is the bomb. It shows subtitles, is highly configurable, 
plays .iso files, DVDs, the works. The best part is that the command 
line call in MythVideo is as simple as:

Installation in KnoppMyth R5A16 was a snap:
apt-get install vlc
No dependency probs (yay!).
Latest downloadable version is 0.8.1.
The interface is easily configured on-screen, then it can be put away 
for good. Much better than xine. yay!
For OS X, VLC will work, but it will not come to the foreground when 
called unless I alt-tab to it. Bummer. I'm working on that, but have 
only succeeded in making it crash.
Volume levels of VLC in OS X are much better than mplayer. Louder, 
crisper and clearer. If anybody has any ideas or is also fooling with 
VLC, I'd like to share notes!

-Bob K.
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