[mythtv-users] Backend & Back/Frontend specs.

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 11:07:03 UTC 2005

On 16/06/05, Peter Clarke <pete at dynotechnic.co.uk> wrote:
> > I think there's several ways of doing it.  What is your problem.
> The xmltv portion runs ( I believe )..it's just the mythfilldatabase
> process never completes and I don't see anything in the DB relating to
> channel info.
> > select the alternative uk listing source in mythtvsetup.  When you
> > exist that screen mythtvsetup appears to hang.  Toggle back to the
> > shell where you ran mythtvsetup and you should see tv_grab_uk_rt
> > asking you to select channels.
> Yep - done that.
> > Select the channels you want.
> Again, not a problem :-)
> > When you've finished look at the conf file that tv_grab_uk_rt has
> > generated in
> > ~/.mythtv/
> > and you should see a list of web addresses corresponding to the
> > channels you picked.  Make sure that these appear as the XMLTVID in
> Contains lots of addresses for channels - seems fine.
> > the channel setup screen of mythtvsetup.
> Nothing, nada .. zip - the DB is also devoid of channel info.

I had to type them in to the XMLTVID myself.   Not a problem for the
the terrestrial channels, nor the few freeview channels I actually
want to watch.  Could be a problem if you've got lots of channels

> > Then I think bob should be your uncle.
> Actually, I think you'll find that my Uncle Bob died a fair few years ago,
> now I have only an uncle Andy left.

Sorry to hear that

Good Luck


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