[mythtv-users] Re: Myxer Update - This time its a BIG one! (and probably the last one for a while....)

Dave Hofstra dhofstra at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 09:55:45 UTC 2005

I'm a little confused about that, but I think you missed something. 
In the main menu, you can select "6)
Type_Filenames_For_Your_Own_Graphics".  This brings you to a sub-menu
that allows you to type the filename of any graphic you place in the
custom directories (whether it is the custom dir of background,
buttons, themes, or icons).  Take another look, and I bet it makes
sense.  It would probably make more logical sense in the menu that you
mention, however, but for now it is a selection in the main menu.

As far as backgrounds, everyone has different tastes, and that is why
Myxer is so great.  I can find just about anything at kde-look.org or
gnome-look.org and include it in Myxer (I think) as long as it is GPL,
and I give credit to the author.  Take a spin around those sites if
you like, and let me know if you find anything really cool that I
could include in Myxer's next release.

Also, if you like a particular background style that already exists,
but it is too bright, I could always fire up Gimp, and change the
color saturation or contrast and just make a darker version of the
file (like oceanic1 and oceanic1_darkerblue).

If you find a cool background and send it to me, I'll include it in
Myxer, and you can even setup your favorite skin like SashaZ did and
have it selectable for other people in "7) Apply_Pre-Built_Skin_Sets).
 Actually, I probably 'brightened' most of the backgrounds in Myxer on
purpose.  he he he

I dont have the problem with the brighter blue backgrounds like you
do, in fact they look much nicer on my set (57" HDTV).  It may be
possible that the HDTV produces better colors than a regular s-video,
but I don't have Myth setup on s-video to test, so your input really
helps.  Also, my tv was 'tuned' using the THX optimizer found in the
'options' menus of the Star Wars DVD's.  It helps you set the correct
brightness/contrast/hue/and sharpness of your tv.  Maybe it'd help
some people get a better picture if they tried that thing.  I actually
sent a request to LucasArts for the blue glasses that can help you do
color/tint corrections properly.  The glasses were like 2 bucks.

Yes, I know I am a complete geek, no need to tell me about it....  he he he

Thanks, and hope that helps....

Dave Hofstra

On 6/15/05, Robert Tsai <rtsai1111 at comcast.net> wrote:
> Hey, thanks! Now everyone can be a theme designer! :)
> I noticed that while there is a directory for "custom_backgrounds",
> the script doesn't provide a way for the user to choose from them.
> Here is a patch (insert after the "ver2" section):
>         elif [ $opt = 'Custom_Backgrounds' ]
>         then
>                 OPTIONS="Titivillus test"
>                 DIR_VAR='backgrounds/custom_backgrounds/background_'
>         return 0
> I don't know if you have any more graphics collections hidden away
> somewhere, but I like the Titivillus background because it is darker
> than anything else provided with Myxer. Do you have any other
> darker-colored backgrounds handy to include? The "Watch Recordings"
> screen (for example) is all small white text, which becomes hard to
> read against a light-colored background.
> --Rob
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