[mythtv-users] Q: PVR350: svideo without composite connection gives B/W!

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 09:02:28 UTC 2005

On 16/06/05, Teus Hagen <teus at theus.nlnet.nl> wrote:
> Maybe this has nothing to do with mythtv and maybe nothing with PVR350.
> I used to have output to my tv set using mythtv and PVR350 via SCART.
> I used to have stereo output via motherboard audio and solely COMPISITE
> video.
> Actualy the tv is connected via an audio/tv receiver between tv and
> computer:
> PVR350/comp audio ---- audio/composite/svideo ----> RECEIVER <---- scart
> -----> TV
> Worked ok. But thought svideo could improve quality. St tried to use
> SVIDEO cable connection to the squart as well.
> Why do I want this?: it saves one cable and better video quality.
> Problem: when I disconnect composite cable I get only B/W from the svideo
> connection.
> How do I get what I hoped for better color on my tv?
> (Do I need to switch on/of different components to "signal" svideo use?)
> Why do I want this?: less cables, simpler connections.
> I do not use PVR350 <---- scart ----> receiver. This because there is no way
> to feed audio into the scart from the computer (or do I need to patch
> the cable for this
> as a an improved method?).
> _______________________________________________

I think it's a TV issue.  My panasonic TV has three SCART input
sockets: two offer composite or S-Video, one only offers composite. 
As I cycle through the AV inputs I can select.  AV1, AV1S, AV2, AV3,
AV3S ->  .

Selecting AV1 when the AV1 input is S-Video gives a black and white
picture and vice versa.

If I'm sending an S-Video signal, I need to select AV1S.

Hope this helps.

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