[mythtv-users] Can I do this?

Bruce N brucen at ksl.com.au
Thu Jun 16 02:38:45 UTC 2005

Hi all...

After a bit more research on my part I think I have things a little 
clearer. Can someone give me clarification that i can do this....

A MythTV backend box with capture card(s) on board, my Foxtel Digital 
box and aerial leads in a back corner, cupboard, rack, whatever - all 
connected together. This machine would do all the recording but no 
playback - well maybe a little on the attached monitor. This box needs 
grunt to work successfully OR capture card(s) like the Matrox G200 or 
Hauppauge (sp?) 250 or 350.

A MythTV frontend box connected to my network, with a video card capable 
of video out and IR remote attached, that connects to my TV. With this 
box I could watch live TV, change channels on both the free-to-air feeds 
and my Foxtel box and watch recorded shows.

Are my assumptions correct?


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