[mythtv-users] Mythtv setup total failure - how to start over?

Todd Bailey toddb at toddbailey.net
Wed Jun 15 22:57:49 UTC 2005

perhaps,  but I did a apt-get install.  So even after a uninstall all the 
config files, help doc's and executables still remain.
a road map of what stuff gets put where would be the ticket, then a simple 
script to delete all the crap

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> On Wednesday 15 June 2005 05:43 pm, Todd Bailey wrote:
>> I think the issue is how to uninstall all the myth code and reinstall 
>> thus
>> making the machine myth free
>> I never did find any discussion on where all the code is put during the
>> install phase. A uninstall script would be useful at this point.
> make uninstall works, assuming you compiled it yourself.  Dropping the
> database tables is trivial.
> Removing the rpms is even easier.
> Isaac
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