[mythtv-users] Beerduled beers | Empty Beers on mythweb?

Mark H mrhegstrom at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 22:01:40 UTC 2005

Quick Question-- where is this coming from?     When I view mythweb
from my PocketPC using either ppc ie or ftxpbrowser I get this:
 Beerduled beers    |   Empty Beers    |   Backend Status

When I view it from firefox or regular internet explorer it displays
correctly.  Where in the heck is the above coming from?    My main
reason is I'd like to force my pocket PC to use the wap style, where
there is just 3 items in a menu "Listings, Scheduled, Recorded" like
on the techknowpro.com site.  I can see it there under Themes...

Thanks in advance!

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