[mythtv-users] PVR 350 and MythVideo

Duncan Brown mythtv at duncb.co.uk
Wed Jun 15 15:40:36 UTC 2005

William wrote:

>As one relative newbie to another. You need to change the atrpms entry in
>your sources.list from at-stable to either at-testing or at-bleeding. I
>would recomend not using at-bleeding for most upgrades but you may need it
>to get a compatible version of ivtv. Try setting it to at-testing and do a
>refresh. If you see that you have an upgrade available try it before trying
>If you use synaptic change the setting in your repositories tab. I like
>synaptic because its easy to see what other versions of a package are
>available from other sources in your list and its graphical indication of
>upgradable packages.

I'm already using the version from testing. Bleeding does not appear to 
have a more recent version.


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