[mythtv-users] Semi-OT: Hooking up new HDTV to existing MythTV box

Nate Thompson nightstrm at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 12:46:56 UTC 2005

I have an odd question, hopefully someone can answer it as I'm not
sure the answer. I currently have my MythTV box hooked up via a
VGA->Component adapter to my 30" HD widescreen CRT and everything is
working fine (@ 960x540p). However, I just ordered a new Samsung 46"
DLP that has a VGA-in port on the back which I plan to use for MythTV
(saving the DVI/HDMI port for future use). Is there anything I need to
do to my xorg.conf file before switching to the new TV (i.e. delete
the modelines/settings for current TV), or will Linux do this
automatically for me when it senses a new output device has been
attached? I'm hoping it will automatically detect the modes supported
by the TV and let me select 1280x720p (native resolution).

Thanks and sorry for the odd question, I just want to make sure I
don't do any damage to my new television. Hopefully everything will go
well and I'll be running at 1280x720p in no time!


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